A Wake in Providence

Rated 3.0

A struggling Los Angeles actor (Vincent Pagano) goes home to Rhode Island for his grandfather’s funeral—and to introduce his black girlfriend (Victoria Rowell) to his FBI (Full-Blooded Italian) family. After languishing for six years in post-production, pre-release hell, this light ethnic comedy is finally getting limited distribution, apparently in the hope of catching some of the audience that flocked to My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well, why not? It’s goodhearted and enjoyable. All the standard wacky/irritating family types are present, and the ending is pat and predictable, but the movie’s essential sweetness is hard to resist. It’s co-written by Pagano, his brother Mike (who also plays his brother onscreen), Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, and it’s directed at a sprightly clip by Rosario Roveto Jr.