A valentine to my loft

Lauren Hilliard is a recent UC Davis grad who works as a transportation planner for a consulting firm in downtown Sacramento--and lives nearby

As my four-month anniversary with my studio loft in downtown Sacramento approaches, my honeymoon period is still well intact, as my love for all 547 square feet of it continues to grow each day.

Like all relationships, though, there is that list of daily annoyances that oddly seems to bring a smile to my face when I share these stories with friends and family. Despite the charm that Midtown flaunts, I took a risk in this commitment and opted for something different, unexplored, admittedly a bit pricey (however underappreciated by many), and now I am happy to say that I have found a great love for my life in my loft.

I’ve grown accustomed to the nightly sounds of downtown, evidence that our central business district is indeed undergoing change. While my view of the sunset behind Tower Bridge can’t be beat, there are those times that make me realize why people live in quiet suburbia, but car alarms and jackhammers become routine after a short time.

I get pretty consistent inquiries regarding my little loft-style. It’s kind of like when you start dating someone and your mother asks you all those questions: “So, what does he do?”

The loft-style is what you make it. There’s a mix of people in my building, from single parents with kids to young professionals with dogs to musicians with Lamborghinis. Many were serious commuters who figured out it was cheaper to live in a high-end loft and walk to work. I totally dig not owning a car and walking my one block to the office, and considering the cost of owning a vehicle, I consider my loft-style well worth it.

All in all, the sounds of ambulances and construction and people have become not so much an annoyance, but rather part of the comfort of living in a part of Sacramento that is experiencing urban adolescence. With a little support and love, downtown Sac will grow out of this awkward stage and find itself as an attractive place to live with so much to offer.

Living in a loft is a personal lifestyle choice that is not for everyone, but it was my choice and I’ve fallen in love with it.

Happy Valentine’s Day—to my loft—and to everything we love this Valentine’s Day.