A Sound of Thunder

Rated 1.0

A remarkably bad film. Based on the very cool Ray Bradbury story about time-traveling hunters who screw up the future, here’s a cautionary example of screwing up a decent concept. Edward Burns plays a scientist who leads people back in time to shoot dinosaurs that look like they belong in an old Atari video game. I mean, these things look just awful, and there’s no excuse for this level of terrible special effects in today’s world. I’m truly embarrassed for the technicians behind this film. But it’s not only the dinosaurs that look bad. Ben Kingsley overacts as a money-grubbing opportunist, and everybody else isn’t even worth noting. How this got a studio release is beyond me. It isn’t even good enough for straight-to-video. It’s one of the worst movies ever made, and if you see it, take my word, you will hurt yourself. Maybe permanently.