A meaty promise

Illustration by Mark Stivers

Coming soon below the Crest Theatre: Despite dishing out sisig, Spam loco moco and other Filipino and Hawaiian dishes at its pop-up last week, Empress Tavern will be an American meat carvery. Clearly chefs Michael Thiemann and Matt Masera like to have fun, proven by plastic leis and a beverage menu of red and blue “drank.”

The event proved the team behind vegetarian restaurant Mother can definitely cook meat. It built up some serious anticipation for Empress, too. Restaurant owners hope to open in late May as a tavern beneath the Crest Theatre (1013 K Street), with an open kitchen, giant rotisserie, room for 170 diners, chef’s table for private parties, craft cocktails and a nerdy beer list.

It’s officially summer: Ginger Elizabeth’s (1801 L Street, Suite 60) ice cream menu is back! That means giant ice cream macaron sandwiches, frozen hot chocolate and amazing—albeit, expensive—pints-to-go. Plus, the monthly 10 a.m. sundae parties on Saturdays, which start May 16 with a playful riff on lemon meringue pie.

Rancho boba: Rancho Cordova just got its first legit bubble tea option. Fusion (3360 Mather Field Road) bills itself as a cafeteria with—yes—a fusion of Asian, South American and American influences. That means loads of tapioca and jelly flavors—lychee, mango, pomegranate—to plop into a long menu of teas, smoothies and coffees, but also Italian sodas, Peruvian chicha morada, caramel flan, shaved ice, yogurt parfaits, Vietnamese spring rolls and, soon, banh mi.

California, baby: A new taqueria opened in Carmichael called California Burrito (7429 Fair Oaks Boulevard), and yes, it serves fried potato- and avocado-stuffed burritos. Most importantly though for late-night munchers, it’s open 24 hours a day.

Not quite gluten-free: Selland’s Market-Cafe (5340 H Street) now boasts a “Gluten Sensitive Menu” for people with “gluten sensitivities.” Not people with celiac disease, because these 50 products are still prepared alongside wheat. Despite scientists claiming there is no such thing as gluten sensitivity, you nonbelievers can now order a delicious prosciutto pizza worry-free.

Mondays don’t always suck: Track 7 Brewing Co. is now open seven days a week in both Curtis Park (3747 W Pacific Avenue) and Natomas (826 Professor Lane, Suite 100). Exciting news for anyone with a hankering for brewery fun on Monday nights. Cheers, friends.