A clean high?

Ngaio Bealum is a Sacramento comedian, activist and marijuana expert. Email him questions at ask420@newsreview.com.

I want to incorporate cannabis into a soap bar. Would leaf, hash or concentrate affect the skin in different ways? Are there any books or articles on the topic that you would direct me to?

A cannabis-infused soap will not get you high, but since human skin has cannabinoid receptors, it can be very helpful for people, especially those with skin conditions or sensitivities. There are plenty of hemp or cannabis soap recipes on websites such as leafly.com. As for books, I really like The Cannabis Spa at Home: DIY Marijuana-Based Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More by Sandra Hinchliffe. It's a long title, but it's a great book. Have fun. Cleanliness is next to weedliness.

How can I clear my record? I got popped for weed many years ago. Would be nice to have a clean sheet.

You are in luck. Many cities and counties are already clearing criminal records. And thanks to a new algorithm called “Clear My Record” from the nonprofit techies at Code for America, it is now even easier. Through its software, the group helped reduce or clear more than 50,000 convictions in San Joaquin and Los Angeles counties in April. Code for America recently made its algorithm free for all 58 counties in California. The computer program not only identifies the folks who are no longer criminals, but it also fills out the appropriate forms and sends them to the local district attorney's office. Hell, you may already be in the clear. Call your local DA and see if they are using the program. But be patient. Clear My Record can process 10,000 records per minute, but county law offices are not that fast. Good luck and congratulations. Cannabis is not a crime, and cannabis users should not be stigmatized.

I hear you were just in Canada. How was it?

Toronto is awesome! I was there for yet another cannabis conference (seriously, how many weed events are there in a year?) and the conference was good, but the legal cannabis was just OK. Legalization is awesome—I really like just being able to go to the weed store—but it seems like everything is way too regulated. All of the old growers have been regulated out of existence, and these new commercial farms aren't very good at cultivation. Everything tastes rushed. Gone are the days of deli-style clubs where you get to smell the product. It's all small jars with tiny holes in them, holding old samples of no-longer-aromatic weed. It's a chore and a challenge to find something decent. I did find a nice Hindu Kush Preroll from a club, and I found an excellent dub sack of Bubba Kush in the traditional market. I will be in Vancouver next week. I hear their weed is better. I will let you know.