A better class of zombies

Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends

The zombie-apocalypse trend shows no sign of letting up, and we've been getting the version of the “walking dead” that's composed of the mindless revenant: the decomposing, shambling, personality-deficient brain eaters. But what if the risen dead aren't like that at all? That's the premise of Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends (Image Comics, $12.99). Set in a small Wisconsin town that's had a recent epidemic of revivals, these not-zombies are very recently dead—and mostly very much themselves. Written by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, this original take on the typical horror-resurrection theme features a single-mother cop, her irresponsible younger sister and her chief-of-police father, as well as some things that are even stranger than one might expect from the recently departed and revived.