2020 Oscars Shorts at Crest Theatre

Sunday-Tuesday, February 2-4, Various times, Crest Theatre, $10



Sunday-Tuesday, 2/2-4

Nominees for the 2020 Oscar Shorts screen at Crest Theatre

Crest Theatre, Various times, $10

Oscar nomination season is over, so now it’s time to watch the movies that a few select individuals—from within the film industry—have decided deserve an award. Whether or not the movies were nominated based on their own artistic merit, or whether the Academy Awards are a self-promotional exercise to generate more revenue, there are some pretty good flicks to watch. Crest Theatre will be hosting the Oscar Shorts 2020, the films that are nominated for the “Animated Short,” “Live Action Short” and “Documentary Short” categories will be shown over three days. 1013 K St., crestsacramento.com