Issue: October 13, 2016

Hey there. Thanks for picking up this week's issue of the Reno News & Review. On the cover this week, we've got a story from Josie Luciano about the local scientists who study the microscopic worlds within the human gut. In Arts & Culture, Megan Berner brings us a story about a tight-knit community of women artists. Wild Women Artists is preparing for its annual Reno exhibit, which will include more than 60 guest artists. In music this week, we hear from Anna Hart, who spoke with a musician whose final album is a tribute to his own life and his loved ones.

In news, Dennis Myers spoke with Joe Heck on the issue of abortion. And be sure to check out Myer's weekly "pot tale."

Thanks for reading. Pick up a hard copy of the paper for features you won't find online. And drop us a line sometime. We love to hear from you.


Jeri Chadwell-Singley

RN&R Special Projects Editor