One word gets you killed

One wrong word gets you killed

Last week, as visitors tend to do, Donald Trump in Reno pronounced Nevada Nuh-vaw-duh instead of Nuh-vadd-uh.

This “issue” is likely to get more ink and air time in the state this year than, say, Trump’s positions on public lands or Yucca Mountain or any other Nevada-related matter.

Many visitors to the state, such as George W. Bush, mispronounce its name. But Trump did add a new wrinkle to the experience—he stood before the crowd of Nevadans and argued with them when they corrected him. And in one of those truly weird things he tends to say from time to time, he told the crowd that someone was killed for mispronouncing the state’s name:

“If you don’t say it correctly—and it didn’t happen to me, but it happened to a friend of mine, he was killed.”

According to the Nevada State Prison, it has been decades since anyone was executed for pronouncing the state’s name incorrectly.