Issue: May 12, 2016

Dear Folks,

Nevada has long had a dubious reputation because of its "Delaware of the

West" policy of accepting corporations from across the nation and world,

and shielding them from taxes adn liability. The pitfalls of this policy

became more apparent with the release of the Panama papers and we take a

look at the problem in this week's Reno News & Review cover story.

Elsewhere in this issue, our new editor Brad Bynum will introduce

Corner/Store, a local band that he describes as "mixing up tempos and

textures to evoke a variety of emotions." Also in this issue is our

Family Guide, edited by special projects editor Jeri Chadwell-Singley,

which deals with the role of family pets. Bob Grimm looks at the latest

incarnation of Captain America, and in Green, Kelsey Fitzgerald descibes

the Northern Nevada Challenger Center, created for the young to make the

Challenger crew's legacy live on. In news, we examine the role Harry

Reid is apparently taking on in the Clinton/Trump race.

Thank you for reading us.

Dennis Myers

News editor