Letters for May 12, 2016

Road blues

South McCarran Boulevard as it cuts through the hills is the prettiest thoroughfare in the Truckee Meadows, and I feel so blessed to be living in a residential neighborhood set along this winding road. Lately, I have grown appalled at its condition.

The ruts in both the eastbound and westbound lanes, from Belsera to Caughlin Parkway, are unbelievable! They cause wear and tear on tires, and are unsightly. Meanwhile, the median and shoulders are strewn with weeds and a dumping ground for litter. Is anyone in charge of maintaining McCarran? If so, does anyone care about restoring its condition to one of beauty?

Heidi Hegerich


Feel free to read our first-person story again

Re “Licensed to ill” (cover story, April 28):

You have to be a California resident to get a California Medical Marijuana Card.

You can not get a Medical Marijuana Card in California with a federally-issued ID like a passport from another state.

California does not issue medical marijuana cards to anyone from out of state, and California medical marijuana cards are only good in California as Nevada medical marijuana cards are only good in Nevada.

James Weber

Carson City

Other people’s money

Much talk, press and stress about the financial needs of the Washoe County School District. Another tax initiative is at hand to raise taxes for badly need infrastructural repairs. There is no question we need to get our schools in better shape for the sake of our kids, our community, our Nevada.

But I don’t desire to pay more tax. Period.

Why do we not raise the question of getting Nevada into the Powerball and/or Mega Millions? Are we really still a state where the good ol’ boys continue to rule our roost? With nearly every state in the union participating in some sort of gambling, adding a super lottery would not be a threat to legal gambling. The argument of how a lottery system would “hurt” Nevada’s gambling is just plain hokum. Ever see the lines to buy lottery tickets at Gold Ranch, Susanville, Lake Tahoe and other close-to-Nevada lottery sale locations? Folks who visit those California lottery retailers are not there for the popcorn. Nevadans who purchase Powerball tickets with California lottery retailers are contributing about 20 cents of every $2.00 ticket to California.

Why do we continue to support California’s needs and remove the possibility of 20 cents (or more) on every ticket going toward Nevada’s needs? I support calling a special session of the Nevada Legislature—immediately, and in ample time to get an initiative on our November ballet—as a solid alternative to trying to push through another tax for schools.

The caveat? The monies earned from the 20 cents (or more) raised from each Powerball ticket sold in Nevada would be designated to infrastructure for Nevada schools. Nevada can apply to become part of the Powerball. Nevada can then designate its portions of those Powerball funds directly to Nevada school infrastructure. Selling Powerball/Megamillioins tickets right here in Nevada would bring business to Nevada. Those lottery retailers will earn a small portion of every ticket sale for their own business. Less road travel to buy lottery tickets locally will even contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Our schools will benefit. Our communities and state will benefit. It’s a win/win/win situation. Why are we not participating?

Call in the Nevada Legislature. Participation in super lotteries is a viable solution for our schools, business and tax structure. An alternative solution for the emergency in our schools is worthy of the legislature’s immediate attention.

Katherine Roberts


Cooperative defense

In defense of food co-op “girls”: I’m a local farmer and have known the “girls” for years. I don’t know anyone who has fought harder or accomplished more to support local farmers and address the abysmal condition of our local food chain. Never met anyone more passionate and dedicated to providing you with local real food, not at your Departments of Agriculture, College of Agriculture or in any of the many local foodie groups that come and go.

“Hard as nails”? Like the combination of mental discipline, physical exertion and dogged determination in the face of adversity, taking the GBCFC from vision to reality? Male hardness is celebrated with such reverence, I assume you mean it as a compliment. Next time you’re out with the boys and see local ingredients on the menu? Thanks again to our girlfriends over at DROPP. So eat, drink and be happy that the pre-digested, uninspected and often contaminated or mislabeled neofood imported for you to overeat is a few cents cheaper—and easier to steal at Walmart. I hope “girls” was just an effort to express a little affection for our dedicated women (and men) at GBCFC. I slip up and call them that once in awhile, too.

Mark O’Farrell

Carson City