Issue: March 31, 2016

Dear Folks,

The first of April falls in the coming week, so Reno News & Review

readers probably know what to expect. Enjoy our cover roundup of faux


Elsewhere in the issue, we take a look at new developments in the

state's net metering dispute. Kelsey Fitzgerald writes in Green about

long forgotten plant and animal specimens in UNR's Natural History

Museum that are providing evidence of climate change. Jeri Chadwell

Singley describes tracking down genealogical information to find out if

one of her ancestors participated in the Great Northfield Raid.

We hope you'll enjoy this issue.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor.

  • Eat it

    “When we were hanging out, outside of music, we were always just getting snacks and watching movies. So I saw that as the core of our relationship. I thought, we could make a band around that.”

    By Kent Irwin

    This article was published on 03.31.16