Issue: April 07, 2016

Hey guys,

We're into the first week of April, and it's our first full week without

Brian Burghart around. Things are moving right along, but it feels

admittedly weird to walk past his mostly empty office. Before he left, I

told Brian a story. You see, we met back in grad school, and I did not

like him one bit. I went home and told my husband how full of himself

this Brian guy was. I said, "He thinks we're all dumb kids." Before the

end of the semester, I realized he was right. We were dumb kids, and

this was a guy I really respected, admired even. I'm glad I got to work

with him for at least a while. But I digress. You want to know what's in

the paper.

In News, Dennis Myers gives us a wrap-up on the Washoe Democratic and

Republican Conventions. There's something fishy going on in the Green

section this week. And our film guy, Bob Grimm, has some disappointing

news about the 2015 Hank Williams movie, I Saw the Light. Freelancer

Anna Hart has the Musicbeat section covered with news about the upcoming

Reno Ukelele Festival, which - funnily enough - takes place at the

Nugget in Sparks. And I discovered that Reno's National Automobile

Museum is actually a hidden gem for art lovers. You can read about that

in the Art of the State section.

Send us your letters to the editor. We like to hear from you regardless

of whether you're feeling pleased, disappointed, angry, or any other

combination of emotions toward us.


Jeri Chadwell-Singley

RN&R special projects editor