Issue: August 16, 2012

Scientist Glenn Miller: "Thus, from a water resource perspective,

pit lakes are important to Nevada, and the quality of the water in

them will determine their future use, as well as their effects on the

aquifer, wildlife and ecosystems."

Dear Friends,

Have you heard of Nevada's pit lakes? If not, you're not

alone. This week we will fill you in on the lakes that fill in open

pit mines, and explore whether they can safely be put to recreational use.

Elsewhere in this issue, Ashley Hennefer reports on the

energy summit in Las Vegas, Brad Bynum interviews Chapel Tavern owner

Duncan Mitchell, and Ben Garrido writes about a racing experience he

had. In news, we will explain some things about the soon-to-open

freeway that runs from Washoe Valley to the Mt. Rose highway.

Reviewer Dave Preston will give you a taste of Duke's Steak

House in Carson City, Bob Grimm shares his dislike of The Bourne

Legacy, and Marvin Gonzalez takes a close look at the art of Larry

Hunt, now being shown at the Reno Art Works. And Bruce Van Dyke has

an interesting tale about Nevada's arboreal history.

Thank you for reading us. Without you, life around here

would be the pits.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor