Letters for August 16, 2012

Reid vs. Romney

Nevada’s albatross, Sen. Harry Reid—once again, the senator has validated his incompetence, using the Senate floor to discuss a rumor about the taxes of Mitt Romney. In the private sector that is “theft of time” and no different than the theft of the company’s assets. This makes the senator a common criminal. In the private sector, a leader who does not lead should no longer serve. The senator represents every every American and should have utilized this time to bring bills to an up-or-down vote, thus moving the country forward.

The word is out that tourists are avoiding Nevada based on the conduct of Sen. Reid. Shame, shame on Sen. Reid. The real shame is that our military is making the supreme sacrifice to protect our way of life and we are subjected to the whining and lack of leadership of our elected politicians. They have no idea of the pain and emotional roblems they have created by not doing their jobs.

Dwayne Evanson
Nampa, Idaho

Portrait of Romney

Mitt Romney is better than you are. Have you noticed? He was born into a family of wealth and luxury and that is his lifestyle. He has friends who are millionaires and billionaires. And not only that, he is going to be the next president of the United States. He exudes supreme confidence because he has it all. And he has your vote, of course.

Brad MacKenzie

17 days

What is this magic we find gracing our TV airwaves as of late? Ah, yes, it’s the 2012 Summer Olympics! A brief period in time that fills our hearts with a wondrous blend of agony, ecstasy and exhilarating pride. A time that allows us to live quite vicariously through the splendid athletes who are giving us their all. Patriotism abounds, and the much needed diversion is so appreciated!

For just over two weeks, we can somehow put aside the politician’s empty promises, the worldwide recession, the wars in far away lands, terrorism, prejudice, hatred, and on, and on, and on. And so it goes. All the nations on this frail planet manage to come together in harmony, solidarity and celebration for a mere seventeen days. But then, and all too quickly, it ends. The universal camaraderie we just shared is gone. The purity of the Olympic games that drew us together as one world is forgotten. Back to the negativity we have come to know, and regrettably accept. But I’m asking you now. Haven’t we just learned something? And if not, why not!?

Mark Murray

Are you there, Mike?

Re “Are You There God? It’s Me, Jake.” (Feature, June 28):

All of the letters to the editor discussing this piece, as well as discussions I have had with people from a variety of beliefs, lead me to one unshakable conclusion: No two perceptions of God are alike. Therefore, God is what each of us perceives Him to be. So to Jake and all of the letter writers, I agree with each of you wholeheartedly. God is everything you believe Him to be. You’re welcome.

Mike Bohling
by email

Locals only, please

Re “Best of Northern Nevada” (Aug. 9, 2012):

This email is regarding Kerry Sutherland of K. Sutherland PR winning best public relations professional in Reno and K. Sutherland PR winning second best public relations agency. I know these awards are based solely on votes but I would assume that a requirement be that you are actually based in Reno. Kerry Sutherland lives in Huntington Beach and claims to have a Reno office which is really a friend’s executive suite. Based on a comprehensive search with the city of Reno we can find no evidence of her having a Reno business license. She also has had no Reno employees until yesterday when she hired her first, well after your voting period. All of the income she earns from the two clients she has in Reno goes to the State of California.

I’m sure like others, she encouraged everyone she knows to vote for her, which is how she won, but I think it is offensive and unfair to actual local agencies. I am not complaining at all that our agency was not named as we did not at all try to solicit votes. I am merely letting you know that she is not in Reno, and I would encourage you to disqualify her and name your second place winner, Abbi Whitaker, best public relations professional as she is local, has employees, and does very good work, including a lot of charitable work with local non-profits. I also encourage you to disqualify K. Sutherland PR as second place agency as there is no actual agency here in Reno.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your response.

Tierra Bonaldi
Impetus Agency


Editor’s note: Ms. Sutherland heard about this letter from another “Best of” winner in advance of its publication and contacted us to say she lived in Reno from age one until June 2011, that she still has an office in Reno—one office in a three-office suite—and that there is a full-time employee in that office. K. Sutherland PR is registered with the Nevada secretary of state’s corporate registration division.

Youth drug

Re “Highway to health care” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, July 5, 2012):

When we moved to Nevada in 1979 we became vaguely aware of a dust-up over “Gerovital.” “Wasn’t that the sponsor of a TV quiz show back in the ’50s?” thought I then, but no. Whatever the controversy was about, Nevada seemed to be a central battleground for the issue somehow. However, it was fading from the headlines by that time.

Some 20-plus years later we were watching an episode of “Celebrity Ghost Story” which contained a segment featuring Eric Roberts. He described how he survived a devastating jeep accident just as he was starting his acting career. Extensive injuries included his brain and power of speech. He described an older couple visiting him in his hospital room and telling him of a certain medicine which, though “illegal,” was available at any pharmacy—behind the counter. Roberts credits the medicine with allowing him to come back, resume his career and active life. The medicine was Gerovital or GH3.

I recalled Eric Roberts’ story just recently after hearing of a young friend stricken suddenly with a stroke. I thought of my dad’s deepening depressive symptoms. Others. I revisited the Gerovital story. It is not illegal, but it has been suppressed. The story is quite fascinating. A large California-based health insurance company supports treatments available just over the border with Mexico, but suppressed within the land of the “free.”

Michael O’Neal

Editor’s note: While Gerovital (procaine hydrochloride) is technically legal in Nevada, it is barred from interstate commerce and it is illegal to import it.


Re: “Moving Pictures” (Arts & Culture, Aug. 2):

We misidentified Cyclectric co-founder Skye Telka as Skye Laskin. We regret the error and apologize for any confusion.

Re: “Tattoo you the best” (Arts & Culture, Aug. 2):

The address listed for Classic Skate Shop, which won “Best skateboard shop,” was incorrect. The correct address is 119 Thoma St.