The Green Inferno

Rated 1.0

For a good chunk of its running time, Eli Roth's ode to cannibal movies is, unquestionably, his worst movie yet. Then, a plane crashes in the jungle culminating in some annoying college students winding up on an indigenous tribe's picnic menu. With this, the film offers a few good gross-outs. In the end, The Green Inferno winds up being in stiff competition with Hostel 2 for the worst Roth film, rather than being the hands-down winner. The main protagonist in this messed-up movie is Justine (Lorenza Izzo), a somber college student whose dad works for the United Nations. Justine gets woken up in the morning by a band of protestors trying to get benefits for the college janitors. The group is led by Alejandro (Ariel Levy), your typical acoustic guitar-strumming, throw-your-arms-around-the-whole-world activist asshole. Justine is recruited for a trip to the Amazon jungle where Alejandro plans to disrupt some bulldozers meant to displace tribes and wreck the forest. Just about everything that could be bad in a movie is bad during this film's build up. Then, the group's plane crashes, and the natives who find them are not only restless, but really, really hungry. The scenes where some of the crew are chopped up and eaten are actually done quite well. The carnage scenes are well done. The rest is really, really awful.