Issue: September 24, 2015

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to remember the subject of this week's feature story ... oh,

yeah! Memory. Once you hit a certain age, you might notice that your memory

just ain't what it used to be. Names, which once seemed crystal clear,

start to become elusive, and moments from your own life--treasured moments,

cherished moments, dreaded moments, hated moments--start to fragment and

change as you look back on them, the narratives you've long projected back

onto your own history grown dim and diffused.

In this week's cover story, the great Melinda Welsh explores the phenomenon

of the unreliable human memory, and she talked to a few scientists who have

done research about memory to get their perspectives. Just don't ask me to

remember their names.

Also in this week's issue, theater writer Jessica Santina profiles the many

local theater programs geared toward children, Bob Grimm reviews the movie

Grandma, which he says contains one of the year's best acting

performances, and I chatted with Britt Curtis, director of the arts

nonprofit Holland Project, about her organization's efforts to raise funds

to buy their building.

As always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy of the paper for exclusive

columns, cartoons and package stuffing.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have to ... um ... shit! I

had a funny line to go here, but now I can't remember it. ... Something

about writing things down? Tying strings around your finger?


Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor