Rated 4.0

Lily Tomlin moves right to the top of my 2015 best actress list with this gem, a film that should put her in strong contention for an Oscar nomination nearly 40 years after she got a nom for her first movie role in Nashville. As Elle Reid, a grandma who will kick your boyfriend in the dick rather than offer up tea and cookies, Tomlin delivers a performance that runs the gamut of emotions on top of being consistently funny. Her every line delivery feels organic and natural, as if the role was created and written with her in mind. Elle goes on a quest for cash with her granddaughter (Julia Garner) after she turns up on her doorstep pregnant and scheduled for an abortion. Elle and Sage meet a lot of people along the way to the clinic, and each encounter gives Tomlin a chance to just blow up the screen. Coming out of nowhere with what might just be his best career performance is Sam Elliott as Karl, one of Elle's past lovers. Elle and Sage drop by his house in their quest for monetary assistance, and Karl's reaction to their visit goes from pleasant to confusion to utter disgust. Elliott only has one scene in the film, but it's so powerful, he could find himself in Oscar contention for best supporting actor. He's that good.