The Collection

Rated 1.0

This piss poor Saw rip-off had me missing Saw movies—and I hate the Saw movies. After an interesting opening where a young girl (Emma Fitzpatrick) survives a dance club massacre, things go relentlessly downhill. This features yet another serial killer that has the time and resources to create huge Rube Goldberg killing machines and traps. This guy, who wears an oily black mask, actually turns an entire building into a deathtrap full of trip wires, swinging blades and squishing elevators. It’s all extremely tedious, and for lovers of a good gore movie, the bloodletting in this film is highly unimaginative. It’s strange that a studio would release total garbage like this in the middle of the holiday season. It’s a total bummer. I totally don’t want any eggnog now. Nobody is getting anything for Christmas this year.