Rated 4.0

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul are phenomenal as a couple that really loves each other, and also really loves booze. When Winstead’s teacher starts throwing up in front of her very young students at school and smoking crack on a whim, she starts to get the idea that maybe she should slow down. Husband Paul is supportive, but not about to quit boozing with his friends. The consequences of drinking to excess are portrayed in a way that’s realistic, and even a little funny. The film seems to be stating that some of the results of getting plowed on the weekends are as funny as they are stupid. If drinking were a totally terrible time, why would so many people get addicted to it? Winstead is powerful and raw as a woman who knows it’s time to stop partying, even if the spouse won’t join her on the journey. Paul shows that his great acting isn’t reserved for Breaking Bad. There are still many movies to come, but the way things stand right now, both deserve berths in this year’s Oscar race.