Issue: November 22, 2012

Hi everybody,

It's that time of year again, when we expose the year's biggest

turkeys. No, not Thanksgiving, but Project Censored's Top 10 Most

Under-Reported News Stories of the Year. This year's stories include

the world's filthy oceans, the president's assault on civil

liberties, and the trillions secretly loaned to major banks. Also in

this week's issue, Dennis Myers poses the question: Are nuclear bomb

tests coming back to Nevada? Ashley Hennefer asks the question, what

are plastic bags good for? Picking up dog poop? No! And Bob Grimm

asks, where are Taylor Lautner's abs in the latest installment of his

all-time favorite media franchise, Twilight?

As always, pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive columns, cartoons

and wood pulp fibers.

Happy Turkey Day! Thanks for reading. If it weren't for you, it would

be our heads on the chopping block.


The RN&R Editorial Staff.