Issue: November 15, 2012

Hi everybody,

Many of you will probably think this week’s cover story by Jake Highton is just piling abuse on the losing side of the electorate. Really, it’s not. That’s what the editorial is for. At any rate, because we’ve been so damned unbiased lately, we thought we’d lob out a piece that would ignite some discussion. Also in the week’s issue, we’ve got a great story about some urban redevelopment, a nice bit about a golf course, and some ideas what musicians can do when they’re all alone. Feel free to linger over the links below, but make sure to get your hands on a newsprint copy for exclusive columns, cartoons and tactile sensations. And as always, thanks for reading the paper—if not for you, we’d have been fired and our jobs outsourced to China.

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D. Brian

  • Looper

    Oh Gnosis! Is a project that includes DJ sets, instrumental hip-hop productions, solo noise music improvisations, and collaborations with other musicians.

    By Brad Bynum

    This article was published on 11.15.12