The Bourne Supremacy

Rated 4.0 Matt Damon is really onto something with this Jason Bourne thing. He may’ve screwed up with Stuck on You, but he gets right back on track with this sequel to The Bourne Identity, which, in some ways, is superior to the first. Original director Doug Liman has stepped aside for Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday), who injects the series with a different, perhaps more frantic style. The shaky camerawork might be unsettling for some, but I thought it fired things up nicely. Damon is masterful as Bourne, the amnesiac former killer trying to remember his past while on a revenge mission. Joan Allen, Brian Cox and Julia Stiles show up in supporting roles, but this is Damon’s film, and he goes to town. One of the better car chases of recent memory contained herein.