Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Rated 4.0 Holy Jesus, this movie is incredibly funny. John Cho and Kal Penn are completely nuts as Harold and Kumar, two stoners who set out on a journey to reach White Castle. Other burger joints and hot-dog stands will not do, for it is White Castle Sliders that they seek. For those who like some of their comedies brainless and almost horrifically obscene (me!), this one has got the goods. I wish, oh I wish, that I could reveal some of the dialogue Cho and Penn exchange, but that would be evil. It must be heard by you for the first time. Until this date, Starship Troopers stood as cinema’s best usage of Neil Patrick “Doogie” Harris, but his presence here surpasses the Nazi Big Bug Killer thing by many miles. When I was 19, I got in the middle of a White Castle crack war after a cashier sprayed a hopped-up patron with condiments. This movie is actually crazier than the carnage that ensued on that day in ’87, when I almost died for burgers. Like the main characters here, I stopped at nothing to get my Sliders (although I did eventually run when the police showed up, no burgers for me). An instant stoner classic.