Pride and Glory

Rated 2.0

The acting work of Edward Norton and Colin Farrell almost redeems this one, but not quite. Norton plays Ray, a New York City cop with a shaky past. When a friend is killed in the line of duty, he takes to the streets and learns some bad things about his brother Francis (Noah Emmerich) and his brother-in-law Jimmy (Colin Farrell). It’s a bad cop drama that managed to keep me involved for about half of its running time before it started to devolve into typical melodrama. Too bad, because Norton and Farrell can set the screen on fire just standing there, and it’s a drag when the material starts to let them down. It also allows Jon Voight one too many drunk scenes. The ending is, in a word, awful. When the film reaches its big finale moment, it’s a laugher. This was on the shelf for a long time, giving off the impression that it was a piece of garbage. It’s not. It’s just mediocre.