Neo, Jesus, Jesus, Neo

I was not a big fan of the last two chapters of the Matrix franchise. I felt that the Wachowski brothers, creators and directors of the series, got a little carried away and far too preachy as the sequels progressed. The Matrix was an innovative, scrappy film that introduced some wild concepts while remaining somewhat grounded and sane. Reloaded and Revolutions went a little berserk, with the final chapter being the hardest to take of the lot. Revolutions is just over two hours, but it feels like three. It’s first two-thirds are a lumbering experience, but things do pick up when Neo (Keanu Reeves) faces off with Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) for one final fight. The religious symbolism feels like a hammer over the head, but on the plus side, Revolutions is often the best-looking film of the series. When Neo and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) journey to Machine City, it’s a nice eye bath.

Special Features: While the film was a bit of a disappointment, the two-disc DVD set certainly has its merits. While there will probably be some sort of Super Deluxe Nuclear Kick-Ass Edition in the future, this final DVD in the series is packed with movie geek goodness. While the Wachowskis don’t offer a commentary, there are plenty of documentaries about the exceptional special effects and choreography that were the highlights of the movie. A helpful Matrix timeline called Before the Revolution lays out the whole back story of the series in easy-to-comprehend form.

Movie: C+

Special Features: A-

DVD Geek Factor: 6