Glassy eyed

This is an excellent film about Stephen Glass, former journalist for The New Republic who exaggerated and changed facts for many of his published stories, in some cases making them up entirely. Hayden Christensen, the man who will be Darth Vader, delivers a riveting performance as a young man with quite the tendency to lie. Peter Sarsgaard is phenomenal as Chuck Lane, the editor who discovers Glass’ crimes and exposes him as a fraud, a performance that should’ve been Oscar nominated. It’s remarkable how much Glass was able to get away with during his run. Looking back at some of the stories he managed to pass off as truth, it’s amazing he got away with it.

Special Features: The disc contains a 60 Minutes interview with the real Stephen Glass, who makes an attempt at apology just in time for the publication of his novel. Director Billy Ray shares a commentary with the real Chuck Lane, reason enough to buy the disc.

Movie: A

Special Features: B

DVD Geek Factor: 6