Letters for September 13, 2001

Atkins is an inspiration
Re “My Summer Craniotomy” (RN&R, Cover Story, Aug. 9):

I loved your article. This is a great story. Instead of wanting to cry when I read it, I felt a lot of relief and happiness, because your whole attitude throughout the story was that of a fighter—and you just know you’re coming out on top!

Thanks for sharing your story. You are truly a remarkable person! Your passion for life and your optimism are more than inspiring; they’re contagious.

Nidi Carter
via e-mail

Thanks for the article
Re “My Summer Craniotomy” (RN&R, Cover Story, Aug. 9):

“It’s not so much what happens to you in life, but how you react to it that’s important.” Girl, you are awesome.

My own seizures started when I was 11 years old. Unlike you, I threw a pity party, and I was the only one attending. It took too many years before I kicked that habit (and habit it was) and started living life. I was fortunate in that my seizures ended more than 11 years ago, and the doctors can no longer find the lesion that was causing them. Others are not so lucky.

Your article will help many. It should go national. Best now and forever.

Bob B.
via e-mail

KDOT talks about Mike the Janitor
Re “Mike the Janitor Was Robbed” (RN&R Letters, Aug. 16):

I recently read a letter from Greg and Lindsay Treacle in Sparks. First and foremost, please understand that this is a business and Mike the Janitor was let go for legitimate BUSINESS reasons. Just as you would not want a former employer speaking publicly about the reasons you may have lost your job, I will not “sling mud” about why MTJ is no longer a part of the Pure Rock Morning show with Jave, Mike and Malayna. I will, however, state that MTJ was originally hired because of his incredible talent, sense of humor and our (my) belief in his potential. I do still consider him to be a very good friend and am helping him find employment elsewhere.

You were right about the old morning show and the reason for that change. As for the change in Afternoons on the Dot, I urged Chris Payne to go to Sacramento and kick their radio butts! He was here long enough crafting his skills and deserved the great opportunity. We know he’ll do well.

The new Mike is young, hungry and brings a lot to the table from a talent/content perspective. I am confident that Reno will learn to love him once they get to know him on a more intimate level. I urge you to give it time, as you did when the new show replaced the old one.

Remember, change is the only constant.

Jave Patterson
KDOT program director/ morning host

Mike the Janitor talks about Mike the Janitor
Re “Mike the Janitor Was Robbed” (RN&R Letters, Aug. 16):

I want to thank Greg and Lindsay Treacle of Sparks for their kind letter. I’d also like to thank the fine folks at the Reno News & Review for publishing it. I’m not going to comment on the issues leading up to my leaving KDOT, but I do have a couple of things to say.

I’ve always believed that when someone actually takes the time to write a letter about an issue that concerns them, they are to be taken seriously. If anything, your letter affected at least one person. And that person is me.

People in my profession are a dying breed. New technology arrives all the time to replace the “human element” at radio stations, because it’s cost-effective. Need I remind all of you that radio was the foundation for television?

People acted on the radio, and listeners had to use their imaginations to visualize what was taking place. What a great way to expand your mind. Many of us in this profession, including myself, still use this “Theater of the Mind” tactic to this day.

You’ve accomplished something by making this radio broadcaster feel that he entertained, even if it was just a couple of people. On behalf of all of us who have chosen to do radio as a career, thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Treacle.

Mike the Janitor