Letters for August 30, 2001

Jealous, Aaron?
Re “Same Couch, New Cushions” (RN&R Musicbeat, July 26):

Did we REALLY need another Phat Couch article? I mean, come on, people! Steve Foht is the most overrated musician in Reno!

If Foht is so damn talented, why is he still in Reno? Because when he tried to make it in the big city, where people are exposed to real talent on a consistent basis, they chewed his generic ass up and spit him right back into the loving arms of the Reno News & “I’ll Let Steve Foht Poke Me Anywhere It Hurts” Review!

Aaron Alvarez
via fax

Paying for the sewer
Re “Verdi Land Grab” (RN&R News, Aug. 9):

William Puchert’s article about the voluntary annexation of Boomtown and associated property correctly pointed out that the property owners themselves asked to be a part of the city of Reno. However, Puchert incorrectly stated that the extension of sewer service to the area would be financed by the city of Reno’s general fund. Actually, this long-awaited sewer extension will be paid by the city’s sewer fund and a federal grant. The property owners will pay the hook-up fees to receive sewer service. Reno taxpayers will not subsidize the sewer extension; on the contrary, annexation reduces the subsidy Reno taxpayers now pay to serve development outside the city limits.

This sewer extension has been planned since the 1970s. The city of Reno has the money to complete the project, which is necessary to serve the development approved by the Washoe County Commission when the area was outside the city limits.

For more information on whether development requiring this type of municipal service should occur inside or outside city limits, please check out the city’s Web site at www.cityofreno.com.

Chris Good
City of Reno communication coordinator

William Puchert responds: Some county officials think that if Verdi is annexed into the city, the federal grant will be in jeopardy, because the area will no longer be considered rural. See more on this, including Commissioner Jim Shaw’s letter to the city, at www.co.washoe.nv.us/Verdi/Verdi Annex.htm.

Not all empty spaces
Re “Goodfellas in the Tech Park” (RN&R News, July 26):

In Judy Herman’s article, she states: “The building that was once home to the now-bankrupt Data Engines is empty. In mid-July, the few cars parked in a lot designed for hundreds probably belong to the staff of Stremmel Auctions, the outfit that will be selling thousands of pieces of computer hardware at a bankruptcy auction Aug. 9.”

I work for a company that has been in that building since March 2001, and there are over 50 employees in this building. That doesn’t include another company that occupies a different part of the same building. If reporters can make blanket assumptions when reporting negative information, they should at least do the legwork and be sure the information they are reporting is accurate!

Lisa Moore
via e-mail

Everyone needs to work together
Re “All-Ages Venues Going Away” and “Reno’s Music Scene Needs Help” (RN&R Letters, Aug. 9):

Youths, bar management and the 21-and-over crowd all need to come to some sort of an agreement beneficial to all in order for the local music scene to thrive. Most bar owners seem hesitant to open their doors to the 18-and-under crowd because the monetary return is not great when serving non-alcoholic drinks.

Second of all, the youth of Reno need to do some work themselves. Many times, I have heard of all-ages venues being closed because of countless acts of violence. As a 16-year-old, I feel that we need to take some responsibility for ourselves and think about what we are doing.

If we could all compromise and work for the same common goal, then everyone could enjoy the talent that Reno has to offer. Until then, there will always be articles about the suffering music scene in Reno. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Marisa Lorbeer
via e-mail

In the Aug. 23 Guest Comment, an incorrect Web site for the Nevada Wilderness Project was printed. The correct Web site is www.wildnevada.org. We apologize for the error.