Letters for August 16, 2001

Support local bands!

Re “Apathetic Crowds: Support Your Local Music Scene, Reno!” (RN&R, July 19):

It’s about time someone stepped up! Right on, Dave Robert!

I [have been] with a pretty successful local band for a couple years now. We’ve had packed houses, and then we’ve had ghost towns. Every band in Reno has had this problem, and it sucks. Reno has some AWESOME talent, people.

Does it matter that it’s a local band? HELL NO! Reno bands have the makings of being the next thing. Do you think Godsmack came from out of nowhere to instant success? NO! They sweated their asses off in a bar for a few years and made some noise.

You know how big bands normally pass Reno by and play Sacramento instead? They don’t like coming here because Reno is a ghost town. Pretty soon the local bands are gonna get the same attitude and move on to Sacramento.

This also goes for the venue owners, as well … promote your bands on the radio! Spend a couple bucks, you cheap bastards! Speaking of the radio … they can do a bit more for us!

Get off your asses, people, and let’s get this town going. Reno has the talent, the location and the venues. Help us out!

Louis C. Ferrin
via e-mail

The price of cars is high

Re “Feeling Gassed” (RN&R Editor’s Note, July 19):

I agree! Let’s stop hiding gasoline taxes.

Instead, right after a great big plus sign, boldly display the amount of tax, and then multiply this amount by 10, because that’s about how much each and every automobile will cost us every day for probably the next 1,000 years … that is, if the taxes on gasoline were meant to cover the real harm done.

Seriously, the taxes aren’t hidden … they’re glaringly apparent at every smog-shrouded stoplight, every onramp and every corpse lying face down on the asphalt.

By the way, thank you for the lesson on apostrophe’s. Its bin reel helpfull.

Del Williams
via e-mail

Rethinking state-recognized marriage

Re “Government: Stop Discrimination Against Unmarried Couples!” (RN&R, July 19):

I read D. Brian Burghart’s rant regarding marriage and the government’s regulation of this institution with great interest. I come from the opposite end of the spectrum of your ideology (I am a very conservative Christian, though I don’t care for Pat Robertson, Jesse Helms, et al), but I agree with you wholeheartedly that marriage, as a legally recognized institution with government benefits, etc., is a violation of the separation of church and state. The concept of marriage as it is currently legally recognized has its foundations in Judeo/Christian ideology and beliefs, and there are those of us who believe it should remain a sacred institution to those who hold it sacred and no longer be a matter of legality.

You are right that too many people have gotten married for the wrong reasons (and too many others refuse to get divorced for just as many wrong reasons). A radical but fair alternative is the abolishment of marriage as a legally binding institution in the United States. Instead, every adult over 18 should be able to claim a “significant other” for the purposes of health insurance, tax breaks and other legal benefits. This would remove the act of marriage from a legal to a personal choice, and it would remove the debate over homosexual marriage to the purview of the churches. I have my doubts, though, whether it would ever be seriously considered on the floor of the Senate.

Garrett York

Mike the Janitor was robbed

I’m writing this letter of complaint hoping it will find its way into your newspaper. I have an issue with KDOT, a radio station that I enjoyed listening to until recently. I feel they have been jerking me and other listeners around. I also have heard their morning show make references to your paper, as well as the Reno Gazette-Journal, so I thought I’d send this to both.

It wasn’t until the release of Mike the Janitor recently (from their NEW morning show) that I finally said enough is enough. Clearly, KDOT has no idea the effect losing Mike is going to have on its listeners.

Why on Earth would they make such a change? I was already pissed off when they lost Rob, Arnie and Dawn to KRZQ. From what I was able to find out, that was a change made by Rob, Arnie and Dawn. Fine. Whatever. I was skeptical at first when the new morning show started. I was pleasantly surprised.

Now they’ve replaced Mike the Janitor with some new Mike. When I called the morning show last Friday to make this complaint directly, Jave (one of the others who works with Mike during the morning show) made jokes about his departure.

Mike the Janitor was the only reason I listened to that show. I’d like to extend my middle finger to KDOT and their constant changes, especially pertaining to the great DJs I’ve enjoyed on what once was a damn good station.

Greg and Lindsay Treacle

More apostrophe appreciation

Re “Inappropriate Apostrophes: Punishable by Death!” (RN&R, July 19):

Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was the only one in the world who had this obsession. I was beginning to think that maybe I was wrong and the rest of the world was correct.

Beverly Harrington
via e-mail

Thanks for the great review

Re “Lotus Eaters” (RN&R Eating, July 12):

I am the owner of Thai Lotus. Thanks to your good review, people are starting to come in and try our food. Business was a bit slow before, and we were not sure if we were going to make it. But after the review, the place is now packed.

I just want to let you know that your review means a lot to a small new business like us. Thank you very much for reviewing our restaurant. We appreciate what you did to inform the public of our new restaurant. I hope you stop by again in the future.

Leo Chong
via e-mail

Loud car stereos are bad

Re “Amazing Museum” (RN&R Editor’s Note, May 31)

I disagree with Jimmy Boegle’s stand on car stereos. [Boegle applauded Gov. Kenny Guinn for vetoing a bill that would have made it a violation of state law for car stereos to be heard 25 feet away.] The RN&R does intelligent reviews of plays and movies, yet you think the state should not regulate loud car stereos. Well, the city of Reno ain’t gonna do it. So what do we do?

I recently went to the Three Penny Opera at Brüka Theatre. Try enjoying live musical theater when you repeatedly lose it to the kiddies outside at the stoplight with dad’s SUV and the car stereo. It’s a good thing the Pioneer is underground.

The same week, a guy pulled up next to me at a stoplight, with the stereo blasting, and I had to listen to a lengthy performance of “motherf— this,” “motherf— that” with lots of woofer. I’m glad the kids weren’t with me. (I know you print the word f—, but I don’t.)

If you endorse loud car stereos, you should stop reviewing intelligent plays and movies and stick to reviewing garage bands, and maybe Andrew Dice Clay.

Ben Hugel
via e-mail

The new left sucks

Diversity is not applicable to opinion. The “new left” demeans and defames anyone whose opinion is different than the victim psychobabble of the American Civil Liberties Union and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada crowd.

Backed by limousine liberals, the “new left” can cry foul against the police though their citizen review boards. Backed by eco-fascists in the Democratic Party, terrorist tree-huggers have more concern for suckerfish and desert tortoises than family farms.

Reeling from presidential defeat, the “new left” wants to hold the country hostage over the failed energy policy of the Clinton years; instead of opting for new sources of energy, they want to promote conservation!

And did I mention affirmative action, the license used by “new leftists” to promote racism against white people? They love pandering to the black community.

Eddie Anderson

We want casino bathrooms coverage!

Re “Roll Out the Bad Carpet” (RN&R Arts & Lifestyle, July 26):

I’m 16 years old. I just read “Roll Out the Bad Carpet,” and I would just like to say to Carli Cutchin: You’re so rad. Seriously; I’m not kidding.

Every time I eat at casinos, I always look at and study the carpet. I guess you’ve done what I’ve always wanted to do. I think it was very well put together.

I was just thinking that you could do an article on bathrooms. I went into the Peppermill’s girls’ bathroom, and it was so big and spacious and so rad. It was like I was a princess, with mirrors and gold … it was very nice.

Danielle Hall
via e-mail