Letters for October 8, 2015

Early checkout

Re “Broken” (Editor’s note, Sept. 24):

Seems to be a lot of this going around, people we love headed for the door before the party is even getting started. Me, I’m working up some spit to deal with my love of many years who has been doing that dance for a half-a-year now. Lost Mom and Dad in recent years, couple of relatives and in-laws, and my current location in the grief cycle becomes a little moot. So we can only live each day, reaching for the value in the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months we spend sitting at a bedside.

So, it’s nobody’s fault, just happenstance. I won’t call it luck, just chance at work in a variable world. Strangely, I don’t feel a need to pray, I will find out in my time what it all meant, and what is to come for me, for everyone before me. There is a plan, but I’m just a ground-pounder. Don’t need to know the details, just do my job.

A lot of pain is just sitting there. I trip over it every once in a while. Right there next to the big fluffy pile of hope that is real comfy to just roll around in. We had so many plans, now we’re contemplating what’s even possible, hoping for the best, planning for the worst. Can’t say I am happy, but at least I’m content.

Rick Woods


Editor’s note: Carmen Garcia died on Oct. 3. She had a widespread network of friends. We’re going to have a couple of celebrations of her life, so if you’re not already in contact, feel free to contact me here, brianb@newsreview, and I’ll get you into the loop.

Sticks and stones

Re “Don’t answer the racists” (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 24):

There you go again, with the names. Hear me now. I work with at least a dozen Latino men for whom I have a great deal of respect. Some of them do not speak English well, but they are all here legally—hard working, responsible men who support themselves and their families. I am also aware of Latin people who, despite the fact we have the most lax immigration laws in the world, are here illegally, who consume social services that are already spread too thin. Because I can say this makes me a racist? So here’s the deal. I misjudged you. I believed you one of those people with a misguided world view that compels them to aggressively deny the truth around them. I’ve come to see now that you are a person whose elitist self-image believes these law breakers are in need of advocacy, like some lesser creature, and that makes you the racist.

Kelly Jones

Carson City

Love your local coyote

The coyote is the scapegoat of the ranching industry, reviled for depredation and, it would seem, for simply existing. The actual amount of coyote depredation upon livestock is hotly debated between the conservation and animal protection community in opposition to the livestock business and its supporters. There will be a coyote killing “Derby” October 16 and 17 in Austin, Nevada, which fans the flames of this controversy. Participants will have “fun and adventure” while killing as many “Song Dogs” as possible. Hunters will fan out for miles, thereby endangering other people or pets. Prizes in a “Calcutta” model will go to those killing largest animals. For a scientific, informed look at such events and at coyotes in general, Camilla Fox, founder and executive director of Project Coyote, will present a film and question-and-answer session Friday, October 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Nevada Humane Society, 2815 Longley Lane. Coyotes are native to Nevada and are important for healthy ecosystems. Two decades of war against this resilient carnivore results only in its proliferation across the continent. Isn’t it time we learned to live in peace with these remarkable creatures?

Trish Swain


Clean up McCarran

As Reno continues transforming into a great city—both livable and prosperous—we can’t ignore the little things that affect our quality of life and reflect our hometown pride. The weeds on the medians of McCarran Boulevard are more than an eyesore. They indicate neglect by our governmental agencies charged with maintaining our roads with our tax dollars. The ring road is like a handsome person with unsightly hair growing out of his nose and ears. McCarran is a state route (SR 659). Not only we locals use it to commute to work and home, shopping and home, but so do visitors, as well as people considering moving here. The winding boulevard shows off much of the beauty of our Truckee Meadows — our trees and canyons, pretty neighborhoods and commercial centers. The weeds need to go!

Heidi Loeb Hegerich