Issue: September 03, 2015

Dear Folks,

This week in the Reno News & Review, Brad Bynum learns pole dancing and

Anna Hart goes into a sensory deprivation tank.

No, wait-- I've got that backward. In his cover story this week, Brad

describes his experience in the deprivation tank, bringing in references

to Yoda, authentic hippie frontier gibberish, and (of course) Burning

Man. Anna tells us about facing down scorn from her friends to go to

pole dancing school.

Speaking of school, in news this week we discuss the lawsuit against the

state's new financial grant program for parents who pull their children

out of public school to seek alternatives. In Green, Kelsey Fitzgerald

looks at SCUBA divers who track the offshore temperatures in Lake Tahoe.

Bob Grimm discusses his underwhelmed reaction to the new Owen Wilson

movie, and Bruce Van Dyke tells about taking his daughters to Burning

Man-- and then splitting.

Thank you for reading us. It makes good senses.

Take care,

Dennis Myers,

News editor