Letters for July 30, 2015

Flagging interest

Re “Burn the flag” (Editor’s Note, July 9):

Rationally, I agree with your points with symbolism. However, as you know, symbols are largely based on emotional appeal and have roots with accompanying beliefs. It’s these roots and beliefs that are the concern.

I think a lot of people are too close to the “heritage” to appreciate the full inflammatory impact and influence of embracing the Confederate flag.

Because of this, I think it’s useful to illustrate this with a comparison to another flag that few would defend, but is very similar in many respects. I’m referring to the Nazi flag. It too is only a symbol and for some possesses a similar “heritage.”

However, because it’s a symbol for the most heinous crime of the 20th century—a policy of extermination of people based on their religious beliefs—only the most extreme racists cherish it.

Imagine the German Parliament arguing for, or defending flying the Nazi flag over their capitol? The vast majority of Germans want to forget this period of their history—not embrace it as heritage. There’s not much argument here.

In reality though, these two flags have one common theme: racism. I think it’s important to realize what these flags symbolize and agree that they are abhorrent to our society. There should be no tolerance for viewing these dark histories as something to cherish.

Tim King


Free willies

Re “Infidels come from behind” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, July 9):

Really, Bruce? Attack the Old Testament? Taut the joys of the lawless libertine? Let’s see: From my personal experience and those of my friends, the “joys” of adultery, fornication, and substance abuse bring only pain, heartache, disease and the most animalistic behaviors of humans. Innocent people get hurt. When I tried to hang out in the gay and lesbian bars growing up in Portland, Oregon and New York City, I found only the most disgusting, debauched and depraved activities. Ever heard of scat, Bruce? The sweet little rainbow has many a storm cloud. Most disturbing to me, a rabid, foaming at the mouth Jew and Israel supporter, is your confusion trying to meld the Jewish Bible and Christianity. Don’t smear Judaism with the violent, non-sensical and rip-off called the New Testament. There’s a saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” With your power to reach thousands of readers, it would behoove you to not practice the same bigotry you wisely rail against towards those of more traditional values. Is being filthy really all that much fun? Really, Bruce?

Patty Vinikow

Washoe Valley


Re “License guns” (Letters to the Editor, July 16):

What we really need, instead of gun licenses, is a critical thinking test and license for any asshole from New Jersey that wants to write letters to the editor.

Stephen Bloyd

Carson City

Elected dictators

I feel so much safer now that the bench-warming, “relief adults”—a.k.a. the spoiled brats President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry—have cut a deal with Iran over ceasing sanctions and allowing their nuclear ambitions to continue. Kerry/Obama showed their true colors—bright yellow—and condemned our only true ally in the region to a nuclear holocaust. Pure and simple. But why would they sell out Israel, and by proxy the rest of Christiandom?

Simple: On the world stage, Obama is viewed as a bumbling “wannabe” third stringer on his really good days! He is routinely outclassed, intimidated, out-smarted and intimidated by the likes of real leaders such as German Chancelor Angela Merkel and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Possessing a textbook narcissistic personality disorder, and ever so cognizant of his own wanton short comings, our “dear leader” Obama is willing to sacrifice the security of Israel due to the fact that Netanyahu routinely outclasses Obama, takes him out to the wood shed; and paddles his butt in public. Oh the shame and embarrassment when U.S. leadership is so shown to be inconsequential on the world stage!

Capt. Kim Kollman


Dearest Harry

Re “At least people are talking” (Editorial, July 9):

To Harry Reid: I have been providing/gifting mobility services at Burning Man for eight years. It is my understanding that Bureau of Land Management staff and VIP’s will have flush toilets this year on the playa at a cost of $1.4 million to those that have purchased a tickets to Burning Man. Will these be accessible to the disabled? Some of these folks need a clean bathroom to change colostomy bags and or use a catheter to pee etc. In my research and contact with the Americans with Disabilities Act [administrators] and others, they have informed me that government employee ADA-accessible bathrooms are not accessible to the disabled public under the current CFR’s or ADA regulations. I’m trying to work with the BLM to have language in this year’s Burning Man permit and future permits. I need your help in modifying the current regulations to allow the disabled access to governmental employee ADA bathrooms.

Wayne Merchant


Veteran’s abused

I sent an email over the weekend concerning a disabled vet and his seizure-alert service dog. The police and courts have done absolutely nothing except enable a landlord in town to continue his slumlord ways. He pays them rather than deal with the issues. All I did was ask for an exterminator after already spending 11 days and $373 treating for bedbugs. Not bed bugs! I lived there for a year with an oven that never worked and turned out to be the breeding grounds for the parasites that now live in me and my service dog. And no one gives a shit! Slumlords are slumlords because they get away with it, pay off police and judges. I have nothing left to lose, he stole it all with help from RPD. I don’t even have a record. I just need someone with the balls to help me make it public.

Rodney Clatterbuck


Editor’s note: Our apologies, Mr. Clatterbuck, but if you sent a previous email to us, we didn’t see it. Veteran advocates may want to reach out to Mr. Clatterbuck to figure out his story. Contact me, brianb@newsreview.com, and I’ll forward your email.

Baby parts for sale

I find it interesting that Sen. Harry Reid defends Planned Parenthood despite videos showing them discussing the harvesting of baby parts for sale. Parts with commercial value protected by adjusting the abortion procedure in real time.

According to Breitbart.com, Senator Reid says, “Human fetal tissue research has been critically important for biomedical research for a long, long time.” But Reid doesn’t cite a single medical advancement based on research from aborted babies. Is Harry Reid speculating? Maybe he’d like to speculate on how many Booker T. Washingtons, Ben Carlsons, Amadeus Mozarts, Linus Paulings, Colin Powells, Marie Curies, Albert Einsteins have been dismembered during such abortions? How many magnificent people of potential accomplishment has the world never seen because of abortions?

Robert R. Kessler

Las Vegas