Issue: July 23, 2015

Hi everybody,

This week on the cover of the city's most loved/hated newspaper, Arts & Culture Editor Brad Bynum tells us about a bit of Reno's music history, an all-women band known as The Wrecks. They may not have been the first female hardcore band, but they certainly left a lasting impression. Also in this issue, Dennis Myers talks about open (and closed) public records; Bob Grimm tells a big story about a small superhero; and Georgia Fisher writes about the large impact sports can have on our little ones. Feel free to click the links below for a tiny sample of what's to come, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint version of the newspaper for a giant taste of exclusive cartoons, columns and superlatives. And as always, thanks for reading our paper. If not for you, we'd be average.

Love and hugs,