Issue: July 16, 2015

Hi all,

Journalists are known for letting their legislative coverage turn into a

tired little whimper near the end of each session, and RN&R news editor

Dennis Myers is well aware--which is why he's compiled a thoughtful

roundup of myriad bills, plans and political talking points that either

hit the public radar, slid through or halfway disappeared as the 2015

show came to a close. His cover story is called "Mopping up" for a

reason, and somebody has to do it.

Also in this week's paper, arts editor Brad Bynum meets a musician who's

moved from Portland to Reno, presumably reversing the tide of the

universe in the process. Anna Hart tells us about a poignant and

powerful art program for service men and women; Josie Luciano introduces

us to the everyday character behind beloved drag star Ginger Devine; and

columnists Sheila Leslie, Brendan Trainor and Bruce Van Dyke consider a

host of issues: Republican Joe Heck's race for Harry Reid's U.S. Senate

seat, market discrimination toward the gay community, and the world's

response to The Donald's rhetoric, respectively.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy of this

week's RN&R for exclusive columns, cartoons and spitball ammo. If not

for you, we'd be stuck in detention.

Happy Thursday,

Georgia Fisher