I had a dream

Here's an interesting site about dreams: www.dreammoods.com.

Last night I had a dream: What if 2014 were to be different?

What if tourists demanded the Bus Tours take them to protest the drones launched from Nevada instead of to the casinos?

What if at political events everyone stopped pledging allegiance to the flag and instead recited the Bill of Rights?

What if instead of the Forest Service putting up a fence to keep the veterans away from their memorial, the veterans put fences around their offices so they couldn’t get to our forests?

What if they gave an election and no one came?

What if all the people who say we need a third party actually went out and organized one?

What if Nevada would release all its nonviolent offenders from prison?

What if we allowed Nevada farmers to rotate hemp with their alfalfa?

What if Nevada laid claim to the 85 percent of its own land the feds say they own?

What if the pro war, pro lifers would talk about all the abortions and miscarriages their wars cause?

What if the pro-choicers would defend a woman’s choice to raise a family?

What if the government shut down and no one noticed?

What if a Pakistani drone blew up a Nevada wedding party?

What if the Christian pastors in Nevada decided to give a sermon about Christians in Muslim lands killed because of our invasions?

What if the President went on #PresObama, and everyone tweeted he is a liar?

What if Edward Snowden came home and was put in charge of the NSA?

What if Nevada Democrats suddenly said our students were more important than the teacher’s unions?

What if Nevada Republicans admitted we really don’t have to spend all that on the military?

What if Nevada conservatives stopped blaming immigrants and instead blamed the Fed for recessions?

What if Nevada liberals admitted not all immigrants want to be citizens?

What if Nevada liberals realized insurance is not health care?

What if every time a celebrity says something controversial the PC police can’t get him fired?

What if pro war Christians would admit sending young men and women in the military abroad for long periods was putting them into occasions of sin?

What if no one said that fighting useless foreign wars was “defending our freedom”?

What if anti gay conservatives admitted same gender sex is common in nature?

What if atheists stopped nit picking over simple public expressions of religion?

What if we allowed our teachers to carry concealed guns in the schools?

What if our courts were so fair we didn’t have to frisk everyone before they came in?

What if religious politicians admitted atheists could be ethical even if there is no hell?

What if Nevadans stopped calling politicians “Honorable so and so” until they proved it?

What if Nevada politicians admitted Israel is just another country?

What if Nevada politicians proudly told the rest of the country that our brothels prove that vice squads are unnecessary?

What if Nevada politicians stopped claiming every new law was “for the children”?

What if Nevada politicians told us it was more important to protect our liberty than to keep us safe?

What if Nevada changed the law so that if you are too drunk to drive you can pull over and sleep it off?

What if our police admitted that drug-sniffing dogs are really unreliable?

But then I awoke and realized we have to keep carrying on with the same half-truths and contradictions. Or do we?