Issue: December 05, 2013

Dear Folks,

There are many things people identify with Reno. This week, our Reno

News & Review cover story by Brad Bynum takes a look at one of them--

the "showgirl," who seems to have mostly faded from the local scene.

On our green page, Sage Leehey provides an advance look at the Great

Basin Consortium next week, which will focus a lot of its attention

on wildfires. In news, we take a look at the obstacles-- most of

them election laws drawn up by Democrats and Republicans-- that face

third parties.

In addition, Jessica Santina will review the fifth Buttcracker

ballet, Bob Grimm will do the same for the new Lance Armstrong

documentary The Armstrong Lie, and Ashley Hennefer takes a look at a

new Icons of Nevada show, in which artists portray that theme within

four square inches. And Bruce Van Dyke ponders the ever-remarkable

Jerry Brown and his ability to eliminate California's massive debt

and produce a surplus in less than four years.

Since it has turned wintry, you will have to be inside more. Spend

some of that time with us.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor

  • On fire

    The third annual Great Basin Consortium Conference will be on Dec. 9 and 10 at the University of Nevada, Reno and will discuss environmental issues affecting the region, especially those related to fire.

    By Sage Leehey

    This article was published on 12.05.13