Issue: December 26, 2013

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Happy day after Christmas! In your favorite newsweekly this week, we decided to start 2014 in a state of fear. We’ve threatened to do it for years, and it’s finally here: The RN&R poetry contest. And to help you wrap your minds around the idea, we’ve got our resident curmudgeon Jake Highton writing about all his favorite dead white guy poets. Feel free to click the links below for a sample of all our postmodern commentary, but don’t forget to pick up a newsprint edition for exclusive columns, cartoons and display advertising. As always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If not for you, we’d be a day late and a dollar short.

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  • In denial

    The Lyon County Planning Commission has recommended denial of Comstock Mining Inc.'s application that would allow mining in Silver City. Now, the application goes to the County Commission.

    By Sage Leehey

    This article was published on 12.26.13