Debt up a straw

OK, this whole debt ceiling drama looks as though it’s finally been resolved, predictably enough at approximately 11:59 p.m. Well, that’s assuming that some knuckleheaded faction of the Tea Party won’t get together and decide to monkey wrench the whole thing with its own little snitfit before the vote is taken in the House. But let’s figure that enough Democrats will come to Boehner’s rescue—which is somewhat bizarre—to where he doesn’t have to count on the support of the raving new dogmatist Republicans who won’t play ball (and how perfect was that story about dilwad Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh being a four-star deadbeat dad who owes 117 grand to his wife and kids?), and the debt ceiling proposal can pass the House, and we can all get back to asking these T.P. tools of the plutocracy just why, if they’ve got such a burning bush to cut spending, do they completely avoid the two budgetary gorillas in the room, namely Iraq and Afghanistan?

As it turned out, the debt ceiling squabble was a blazing neon red herring to get our focus off our two lovely little wars, which drain the Treasury of a tidy little 14 billion a month (I-4, A-10). It’s an ongoing hemorrhage, a gory financial wound that seems to bleed in a big bucket in the corner of the room so as to not be too messy or bothersome while our leaders hack away at those evil socialist entitlement programs like Medicare.

And we kept hearing about the damage that will be done to our national credit rating by both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s as they prepared to downgrade the USA from hallowed triple A status if we wandered into default and blah, blah, blah. Well, who gives a bag of flaming dogdoo what Moody’s and S/P have to say, anyway? I mean, these are the same execrable pinstriped criminals who merrily stamped “AAA” on all those horrid subprime mortgage loan bundles and gave the green light to rabid greedhogs to sell them to fleecable saps around the world, knowing full well that most of these loans were barge loads of stinking slop. Why do Moody’s and S/P have one ounce of credibility after that debacle, a debacle that surgically stripped millions of middle-class Americans of most of their retirement savings in a matter of weeks? It wasn’t as though any of their executives got the boot and ended up in jail, replaced by a new fleet of impeccably honest Escaladians we can now again blindly trust to always do the right and proper thing, so there’s no absolutely no need for regulation of any sort. No sirree, don’t you worry about us. So screw them and their bullshit ratings. They suck so hard they could get cookie dough up a straw.