Barack Obama: Smiling all the way to the White House

Barack Obama has been traveling around the world, giving speeches, kissing babies and all that good stuff. He seems to have forgotten he hasn’t been elected president; he’s simply a candidate for president. And now he complains about an advertisement from John McCain’s campaign.

A recent ad compared Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Some would call it negative. An attack, of sorts. But is an attack ad bad if it is true?

If Obama is acting in a manner that is comparable to these over-the-top spoiled women, why shouldn’t it be pointed out? Like these famous women, he’s like a apparition, untouchable. He won’t stand up and debate John McCain, and why should he? If he did, he would show the world his under-developed ideas on what should be done with the economy and gas prices. It seems as though he is hiding his true self behind his motivational speeches. Hiding from the masses can definitely be compared to the behavior of a rich Hollywood star.

I have no problems with Obama being an elitist. What I have a problem with is his behavior. He was trumping around Europe as though he had already won the 2008 election. I’m not really sorry to say that this isn’t so. Instead of worrying about the rest of the world, he should try to worry about those who will vote come Nov. 4.

Seems to me Senator Obama is more worried about having his “game” face on than he is worried about discussing actual policy initiatives. If he stood up and said something besides the word “change,” people may actually see what he believes in.

People see someone who smiles at them and speaks of how he can relate to society, and they fall all over themselves. What people don’t seem to notice is that he is a politician just the same as the rest of them. He wants higher taxes, a tax that would hurt middle class America. The middle class is already dwindling and suffering, it doesn’t need any more help from Sen. Obama.

If people were to take a look, they would see a man who wants to focus on ethanol as a source of energy. This source of energy would force farmers to take their emphasis away from food growth to grow crops to produce ethanol. With this, the price of food will soar, further hurting society.

There are many shortcomings in Obama’s ideas, and many people are too blind to see this. Politics is a tactical game, as though one were playing a game of chess. But Sen. Obama seems to be continually moving so as to just miss direct contact. He won’t debate because he has people who love him without knowing or understanding his ideas. They have no idea what kind of change he speaks of, but his words sound empowering. These are the same people who Bill Clinton campaigned for during his run for the presidency. Someone always runs on this ticket, and those words mean nothing unless you have the ideas to back them.

Obama knows this. But he is betting that society will not remember it. After all, he has a great smile, so why shouldn’t we vote for him? Young and ready to change the world. That’s all we need right? One problem. This superstar doesn’t seem to have the means to do such a thing. This is a great smile with nothing behind it, just like those belonging to Spears and Hilton.