Obama’s aid won’t help

First, it was the conservative right-wingers who had it in for Barack Obama. Many other people questioned him and his motives, but now even Rev. Jesse Jackson is insulting Sen. Obama. I don’t know whether to find this amusing or just sad and pathetic.

One should know things are looking meek when even a reverend “wants to cut your nuts off.” Rev. Jesse Jackson commented on Senator Obama’s view of black people and how he looked down upon them. He then proceeded to say that he wanted to cut Barack’s nuts off. Last time I checked, that is not a term of endearment.

Since this happened, Rev. Jackson has apologized profusely and has aligned his support with the Obama campaign. But now we know better. Holding a sign that says “change” on it does not deem him a supporter of Obama, it just makes him a good father. Rev. Jackson’s son works for the Obama campaign. Apparently, Jackson supports his son and the job he does because it is obvious that he does not truly approve of Sen. Barack Obama.

This incident opens us up to the idea of what a circus election time is. We have truly become a nation of whiners, as former Sen. Phil Gramm has said. One person whining about the other and then apologizing because heaven forbid they stand up for what they say. This has become the typical American way, and it is more typical around election time. People get antsy and nervous and then tend not to react well to pressure.

Rev. Jackson has made this clear. His “slip up” caused a stir on the news. And Barack Obama has definitely made it clear that we are a nation of whiners, especially the leadership in this country. The economy is bad, the housing market down, and unemployment is high. Gramm’s opinion on the matter it that we are in a “mental recession.” And he very well may be right.

Barack is trying to sugarcoat everything, and he’s offended about being called a whiner. First off, he has made comments on economic policy and how people need aid. Well, there are a few problems with this, do you want to tax them more to give them money? Or put the country in further debt? I’d like to know where he plans on getting the money. Also, for those who forgot Government 101, the president does not control the economy!

McCain no doubt has an uphill battle ahead of him, but he has answers to problems. Instead of offering temporary relief that will only dig us further into a hole, McCain has said, like many others, that this country needs to start offshore drilling. We need to find permanent solutions to the problems we face, not anything short term.

Leaders fight and whine about our problems, and so do the people of this country. They love hearing Obama’s talks of economic aid because they don’t want to have to choose to get a health care policy over buying a big-screen TV. There are so many ways to make it through this economic crisis instead of whining about it, like walk to work or don’t eat out so much. So simple and yet it’s easier to whine.

It looks to me like the whole country needs to take a look inward before November rolls around. Don’t whine if you don’t want to work on fixing it, because let me tell you, this “aid” Obama speaks of won’t help.