Since when is having money bad?

John McCain and family have found themselves under recent scrutiny for having a lot of money. His wife has a ridiculous amount of money to be exact. As heiress to a beer distributing company with her net worth around $100 million, this woman has money to spare. And to spend.

Cindy McCain’s spending habits recently have come under a magnifying glass. Her vast wealth is in question, a question of whether her money will make her husband look bad. Since when is having money a bad thing?

The McCain family has spent $11 million on five different condos in recent years. To most, this is a lot of money, but they seem to be spending it casually, and this apparently allows the public to start scrutinizing their behavior. But my question to the public and to all those who want to know about their spending habits: Why is this any of your business?

It is not a crime to have money. In the past, we have looked upon successes and good fortune as a positive thing. Now Cindy and John McCain have to explain why her family shouldn’t spend its money. There has also been comment in the media, such as at, ( ), that she has racked up a rather large credit card bill. Is there no common sense in the world today? She makes a lot of money; she owns homes around the globe. Of course she is going to have large credit card bills. Her credit debt isn’t great for a woman who makes such an enormous amount of money.

Whether she has earned the right or her family has earned the right for her, she has a lot of money and the right to spend it. The personal spending habits of the presidential candidates’ wives are by no means insight into how the spending of the country would go if Sen. John McCain became the next president of the United States.

First off, the McCain family has the money they are spending. They are by no means in debt or spending money that isn’t theirs. These people are very successful business men and women. And who is to say that this successful business-like attitude wouldn’t help our country?

Comparing Cindy McCain’s personal spending habits and the United States economy is comparing apples to oranges. She spends money she has earned. This by no means shows that as president, McCain would spend excessive amounts of money the nation does not have.

Having such a business savvy wife can do nothing but help presidential hopeful John McCain. Having a wife who knows how to handle money, make money and find success in business can do nothing but help his chances at winning the presidency.

She can handle herself when it comes to the business world. This woman makes money and in turn spends the money she makes. I see nothing wrong with this; this is the American way. The pursuit of happiness is one of our inalienable rights, and she succeeded in finding happiness by all standards.

This should be looked at with pride, not antipathy. Some of this would be useful to rub off on the way business is handled in the U.S. government. If this woman can teach the government a thing or two, then I say leave her money habits alone.