Back in town


Jenny Lee Lindberg, Reno local and bassist for Warpaint will be playing a show in her hometown on October 28 at Cargo in the Whitney Peak Hotel.

Are you excited to be playing a show in your hometown? And what are you most excited about?

I am excited, and really nervous because we have never played in Reno. I guess I am most excited to see all the people I haven’t seen since high school, so it will be a little high school reunion. And my mom and dad are coming. I’m just excited to be home.

What was it like being in band with your sister?

I liked being in a band with her, I love playing music with her. When we started the band, it was all of our first time in a band, and we didn’t really know what we were doing or how to really communicate with each other, verbally or musically. I think there was a sense of comfort having my sister in the band. We both grew up together and had similar taste in music. We never really disagreed on much, so it was nice.

Do you guys write your songs together? Or does just one of you write the songs?

It’s all of us. We all write the songs and we have different ways of going about that. We’ll either all be in a room jamming round, and all four of us will write the song, or we will pair off, and two of us will structure a song and get it to a place where its not all four of us chiming in trying to write it because that definitely slows the process down and can be counter productive.

What was it like the first time you guys all played together?

It was really easy, and I remember we played for like four or five hours, and we just jammed out on the same riff. And none of us were getting sick of it. So I think at that point we realized that this could be a really truly nice experience.

Where does your music inspiration stem from?

I guess just life, life experiences. I’ll speak for myself. When I am writing lyrics, usually I write based off personal experiences, or a mood, or a feeling. Music, I usually get my inspiration from other music, I hear a song that I really like, and it inspires me to write music that makes me feel as good as I did when listening to that song.

How did adding Stella Mozgawa affect the band?

I think we just got more serious when she joined the band. We got more serious about what we wanted and the way we wrote music together. She changed the game, big time. One, she’s an incredible drummer, and I think she brought a sense of professionalism to the band that none of us had.

How do you describe the sound of your band? What is your favorite style to play?

It’s so weird. I’ve never been able to answer that question. There’s moments when it sounds like everything, sometimes it’s groovy, or dark, or psychedelic or sad. As a bassist, I like the base line to be sexy, I like music to be sexy. Even if it’s not a sexy song, there are elements about the music that can be.