Issue: September 11, 2014

Hi everybody,

Have you seen all the promotional coverage of Tesla's gettin'-giga-wit-it factory in other local media? You must just breathe a sigh of relief when you spread our pages like a layer of warm peanut butter on your whole grain roll. Dennis Myers dishes the real story about the state's biggest little tax dodge. Also in the pages of your favorite newsweekly, Anna Hart hearts a crew of local break dancers. Bob Grimm reviews some cheesy Christian movie about black velvet Elvis. You know, there's just too much stuff to talk about. So, while we won't hold it against you if you click the links below, don't forget to pick up a newsprint version for exclusive event picks, columns, cartoons, and window washing rags. As always, thanks for reading our paper. If not for you, we'd be at the Tesla job fair.