Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

The Doldrums

While the indie-music world was searching for the next Interpol or Strokes equivalent, Los Angeles-based Ariel Pink was busy recording in relative isolation. The result was The Doldrums and, as an added bonus, Vital Pink, six extra tracks for your aural pleasure. These eight-track recordings feature Pink playing all instruments, including percussion that sounds near perfect made with his mouth, of all things. If you’re a fan of early-1960s psychedelic pop and early Syd Barrett, this twisted collection should do the trick. Although recorded in the last four years, songs like “Among Dreams” and “Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups” are timeless psych-pop fodder. If you can stomach the lo-fi recordings, you’ll realize the true charm of Ariel Pink. How can he top this one? Ask the penguin.