Erase Errata

At Crystal Palace

Although gender shouldn’t be an issue, San Francisco’s Erase Errata has gained more attention for its femininity than for its musical prowess. At Crystal Palace should lay to waste any ill-conceived notions that female bands can’t play. The girls in Erase Errata rock as hard as any early Sonic Youth or Alice Donut and have a stunning live show to back it up. The new album picks up right where the previous release, Other Animals, left off. Songs like “Driving Test” and “White Horse” feature the odd, juxtaposing rhythms of bassist Ellie and guitarist Sara against the snarl of vocalist Jenny. Sure, there are moments of sloppiness where the use of a metronome might have helped. It’s these moments that make the Erase Errata experience such an aural, blissful, psychotic hodgepodge.