Dave Hollister

Real Talk

You knew Dave Hollister was the real deal after hearing him in Teddy Riley’s R&B group BlackStreet. Hollister, instrumental to that group’s success, was featured as lead vocalist on the 1994 megahit “Before I Let You Go.” Real Talk, Hollister’s fourth solo release, follows in the R&B tradition of his three previous solo projects; it’s a throwback to vintage soul. He sings about the perils of illicit affairs on “Karma” and “Almost,” gives shouts out to his ghetto-fabulous upbringing on “Never Gonna Change” and “Good Ole Ghetto” and even acknowledges James Brown with a blistering take of “The Big Payback.” Hollister can work a ballad along with the best of today’s sultry soul men, as evidenced on “Pleased Tonight,” and he finds just the right vibe on the title track. Real Talk is really good listening.