Aeon Flux

Rated 1.0

In Aeon Flux, Charlize Theron plays the title character, a would-be assassin rebelling against a utopian society. She wears tight outfits and can catch flies in her eyelashes. To my understanding, these are major prerequisites for an assassin’s job. What she can’t do is muster decent entertainment for most of this film’s running time. Expect this dreary movie which wasn’t screened for bloodthirsty critics) to make appearances on many year’s worst lists. Bad special effects, bad action, bad costumes, bad everything. The normally reliable Theron, who sustained a major neck injury while making this waste of time, is reduced to nothing but a pleasant visual. The great Frances McDormand is wasted in a role that makes her look frighteningly hideous (Harsh lighting!). There’s no need for this movie, and it’s a shame considering the talent involved.