Zingg’s leadership

Kudos for Chico State’s chief

This week marks Paul Zingg’s third anniversary as president of Chico State University. It’s an appropriate time to note that he’s handled the position with skill and style and a welcome flair for innovative leadership, especially in his commitment to sustainability and civic engagement. “Use your education to make the world a better place,” he seems to be saying to students, and there’s no message more valuable at this time.

We also appreciate his ability to give voice to the collective feelings and aspirations of the campus community. Most recently, his statements on the death of Prof. Paul Persons, including the one he delivered at the celebration of Persons’ life last Saturday (Jan. 27), were models of grace and sincerity.

Zingg has gotten a couple of big raises recently, and it’s fair to question the priorities of the CSU Board of Trustees at a time when student fees are going up dramatically. But Zingg didn’t ask for the raises and in fact donates more than 10 percent of his income to the University Foundation, for which he also should be praised.