Seattle-based Zazou’s Djangolotry hasn’t left my CD player for days. “Euro Jazz, French Musette and American Swing” is how the band describes its musical mix. I say: The most infectious blend of Django Reinhardt, Latin jazz and Benny Goodman-style swing that I’ve ever heard. No big band here; just a small one (five-piece) that kicks ass, but smoothly and subtly. Thoroughly sexy and playful, featuring amazing musicians clearly in love with the music, Djangolotry is, simply, magnifique. Accordion player/lead vocalist Hugh Sutton’s original, title track “Djangolotry” is as close to vintage Reinhardt as it gets. Co-lead vocalist and upright bassist Ms. Jessica’s vocalizing (with her slight, endearing lisp) in both French and English on her “Unavoidable Consequence of Being Me” is the most captivating, adorable thing—bien sur—I’ve heard in ages (